The studio provides a specialist consultancy service to a wide range of clients for both large and small collections. Services include the preparation of condition surveys. They either, use the National Preservation Office at the British Library for Preservation Needs Assessment tool where a random sample of items is taken to evaluate conservation or preservation needs or they can provide tailor-made surveys that are more specific to a collection. The surveys can be used for grant applications or to give the museum or institution a greater understanding of costs involved for both future conservation work or a preventative conservation programme where cleaning, refurbishing and re-housing of documents are carried out.

They have carried out an NPO survey on the Imperial War Museums poster collection surveying 400 posters out of their collection of 11,000 posters, which were stored at Lambeth Road and Duxford. The survey looked at both repaired and un-repaired items in two different storage environments and from the survey they were able to assess both the preservation need and the costs involved in overcoming problems that were highlighted.

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